Quality Assurance

Quality Management

  • Control Plan
  • Stage inspection on Die parts
  • Scanning of Core Boxes on Turbo.
  • CMM inspection of Die Inserts.
  • Wax sampling for Mismatch inspection & Wall thickness.
  • Die trails.
  • CMM Inspection of Castings.
  • Section Inspection of Castings.
  • Die watch through Plastic gauge
  • Die file for Production reference.

Quality Management

  • Die manufacturing Flow chart and Check lists.
  • Auto Gantt Chart.
  • Component in 3D model.
  • Model IR (Inspection Report).
  • Model Section IR for wall thickness.
  • Customer Inputs and Approval in Design stage.
  • Customer Approval for Gate design.

OPTIMA - Hieght Gauge

RAPID - Image Visualizer

CMM - 3D Mitutoyo

HAWK - Laser 3D Sacnner

Brown & Sharpe